About MJ

I am an Anglo/American living in the wilds of Norway.

When not writing, I loves online gaming (StarCraft II LOTV), playing my guitar or riding my motorcycle.

When it comes to writing, I like to combine philosophical and spiritual elements within Fantasy, while exploring the darker side of the human psyche.

I have authored many short stories, some of which appear in print or online. I have written, to date, four novels, the first of which, The Guardian - Blood in the Sand, is available on Amazon, and the second, Blood in the Snow, is due out in mid 2016. I am currently writing the third novel in the series, Blood in the Fire, which will be released in 2017.

I have lived off the grid in a sailboat, believe in exploring cultural diversity and once auditioned as a guitarist for a big name band in the punk scene. I did not make it.

When not writing, I am looking after the smallest of my offspring, or crushing my enemies online in a desperate attempt to control the last remaining resources in the galaxy.

Like Batman, I also have a day job, working in the Environmental field. To date, I have over 50 scientific publications relating to Health and Environment. You can check them out if you are really nerdy.

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